Sacred spaces, water restoration, & Third places

Cedarbloom Family Farm

Home to the Spirit Weavers Gathering. Our work on this incredible100 acre landscape along the Illinois River is Southern Oregon includes:
a Forest Management Plan, Land Use Plan, River Garden Landscape Design, and Site Map.

Dreamers' Lodge, SouLodge Ranch

SouLodge Ranch in Central Oregon
Master Land Plan & Hugelkultur Garden Design
Installation of Sauna deck & moon garden

Manna Gardens, a Social Enterprise

Manna Gardens is an urban/community garden and social enterprise of Youth Strategies, a non-profit who’s mission is to provide jobs for at-risk youth.  The gardens are one of three social enterprises including a bike repair shop and a lawnmowing service.  

The design and vision for the gardens were created through a group design process including the AR ASLA, which worked closely with the students of youth strategies and other local professionals and artisans. The students of YS taught us so much!  They envisioned the garden as not only a nutritional food source for them and their families but as a intentional community gathering place for people of all ages to come and linger.  The gardens'  research beds will also serve as an educational resource for schools to experiment with various technologies in sustainable gardening.  

The students will harvest, craft, and sell flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with creative, fresh food products at the on-site farm stand and cafe.  The local produce, art, and activities will be the building blocks to create authentic community space!

Frog Farm & Spiral Living Center

The Frog Farm/SLC is a cooperative nonprofit dedicated to organizing and sustaining regionally-based deep ecology and sustainable living in the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. The Frog Farm, a 20 year old community food forest hosts knowledge and skill sharing sessions, courses, and apprenticeships; and initiatives like the development of a local public radio station, the community tool and resource library, and bike repair shop. 

Outdoor Sanctuary Plan

Giving Form to Story: In the creation of the Outdoor Sanctuary Plan the team wanted to uncover the potential in how to best use the vast grassy area to transform RHBC from “church with the grounds” to the “church with the beautiful outdoor sanctuary!”. In becoming a welcoming spiritual center, the lawn will be converted into an inviting and vibrant landscape divided into four core areas: the Garden of Eden, the Hub Gathering Space, Healing Gardens, & Recreation Fields. These core areas are further broken down into a series of outdoor gardens and surrounded by a half-mile long, five foot wide walking path, with two destination areas along the way: the Raingarden and the Hammock Hangout.