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Resilient DESIGN and construction FOR people and COMMUNITY


Our design services specialize in master planning and design for places like community-minded businesses, retreats and centers, parks, public gardens, and residential homes and homesteads.

Site & Drainage Design
Stormwater Management
Erosion Control

Healing Gardens
Therapeutic Landscapes
Retreat Centers & Gathering Design
Resiliency Plans for water, food and greywater systems

Training, & Education
Forest Management Plans

Contact Mandi at 541-393-4877 to discuss your design

Wood Stoves &Weatherization

Hearths make a home bringing warmth and togetherness while helping us be prepared for outages.
EPA certified woodstoves ensure clean burning wood and more BTUs helping our wood supplies go further.

We bring high-quality workmanship to every installation we do.

Contact Matthew at 458-209-7065 to inquire about having your wood stove installed
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Design BuilD

Looking to build a new home or have a small project? Give us a call to inquire about our expansive building services.

New Construction
Carpentry, Concrete
Water Management Systems
Homestead Development
Project Management & Coordination and more!

New building services website coming soon

We focus on creating places of personal sanctuary and community while connecting people to each other and their natural environment.
Contact Third Nature at 541.393.4877 or inflow AT

Website coming soon for our Building Services!