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Re-integrating the Wild in the places we live and spend our daily lives:
LIFE-honoring DESIGNS FOR people and COMMUNITY

We specialize in creating residential homesteads and designing places like healing retreats and gardens, spiritual facilities, nature centers, parks, public gardens, and other places of community. Third Nature Collective focuses on creating places of personal sanctuary and community while connecting people to each other and their natural environment. We build places to promote food sovereignty, community, and the inherent value of all living things.  
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 Design Build

Homestead Development & Personal Sactuaries

Sacred Spaces

Healing Gardens, Retreat Centers, & Nature Centers

creating community through Placemaking

One of the initiatives we hold close to our hearts is designing for social change.  One of the ways we do this is by helping to create community through the creation of Third Places.  First Place is home, Second Place is work, while Third Places are the places where we spend the rest of our lives- our parks, cafes, community centers, community-minded businesses and other places of community where people can come together!